Here are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked so far. Contact us with your questions if they aren’t answered here!

How does this generate revenue/rewards?

We’ve done everything possible to keep the economics of this token really simple, every Bitty Boomer™ product sold pays the token pool a royalty with recurring payouts starting April 2022.

Bitty Boomers™ brand will continue to scale operations to bring in more revenue, and pay out royalties to token holders over the next 3-5 years depending on token volume metrics as shown in the white paper.

Token holding wallets receive royalty payments in stable coins via a smart contract to their crypto wallet from the royalty payouts.

Token wallets can hold BITTY and earn stable and recurring royalties on their original stake or they may wish to sell tokens on decentralized exchanges or directly to others, those royalties would then be paid out to the new wallet address. The holder of the token is rewarded by the royalties earned from selling Bitty Boomers™ products that are currently in major retail stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco.

What is a royalty?

A royalty is a payment made to an owner or licensee of a particular asset for ongoing use of their asset. When a business owner pays a share of revenue to the legal owner of a property, such as brand rights, patents, copyrighted works, franchises, or natural resources; they share a percentage of their revenue in return for using the asset, this is what you call a royalty. This is a usage-based payment between two business entities for the purpose of generating revenue or other such desirable activities.

Royalties also provide protection against the intellectual property to the owner. Royalties protect the buyer from claims by the owner for improper use.

The BITTY token pre-sale and launch funds the purchase of the rights to use the Bitty Boomers brand for a specific period of time, during that time period Bitty Boomers branded products will pay a per unit sold royalty. There is no limit to how many branded products may be sold during the royalty term.  Moving forward, as the Bitty Boomers portfolio of licensed characters grows and Bitty Boomers launches new products into existing markets the royalty totals grow in lock step with the brand.

Why would someone want to hold BITTY?

This kind of royalty opportunity has never been offered in crypto before, as these types of deals are usually only available to traditional fiat investors. This is potentially a more stable investment than a traditional crypto coin such as ShibaInu or Doge as the royalties are tied to an already successful brand that already has a huge portfolio of licensed products in the global market. The reason we’re offering this opportunity to the crypto community is to showcase real world use of blockchain, NFTs and crypto in an active global physical products operation.

Who doesn’t want to own a crypto with stable royalties from a product line of collectibles with characters from Disney, Marvel and the NFL?

Why a royalty crypto token?

This is potentially a much more stable investment than traditional crypto because BITTY Token holders are participating in a royalty for future revenue of an already in market brand. While this is not a stock or bond, this is a new way to facilitate royalties, and royalty payments utilizing the transparency and security of blockchain. Additionally, BITTY gives crypto holders the ability to place portions of their other crypto holdings into a “stable” investment. While royalty investing is still highly speculative, it is based on actual sales from a real company with real products, so the rewards are not depending purely on “to the moon” crypto market speculation. There is, of course, always the possibility that a project like BITTY, being so unique and having so many world class licenses and clients, generates a large amount of interest from the global crypto community thereby propelling BITTY far beyond its underlying fundamentals…”To The Moon!” as they say.

What are BittyNFTs?

Launching in 2022, all Bitty Boomers products will also have collectible NFTs integrated with their packaging, providing collectors with both a physical collectible character speaker and a digital collectible NFT. A core goal of this project is to interweave the physical and crypto worlds in a fun, impactful and beneficial way. 

Imagine the possibilities of doing an NFT drop with a collection from Marvel or an artist like Justin Bieber where the fans could get not only an awesome MetaVerse NFT AND also get a physical BittyBoomer collectible speaker as well.

BittyToken holders will be the ONLY recipients of the royalties from the sales of Bitty Boomers AND BittyVerseNFTs; with lifetime royalties from the NFTs continually providing fresh revenue to the BittyToken holders.

View the white paper for details.

How do I know this is real?

Bitty Boomers holds active licenses with the largest and most discerning brands in the world, while actively delivering scaled volumes of products to the largest and most discerning retailers in the world. Simply stated, this is not theory, we do not “hope” to fund a go to market or idea, this is the most globally proven and tangible offering to ever be offered in the crypto community.

See http://bittyboomers.com for more info on existing products or to purchase your favorite Bitty Boomers collectible speaker today.

Also, feel free to do a search for “Bitty Boomers” on Amazon and Google, the results speak volumes.

Why Bitty Boomers?

Bitty Boomers creates a unique and scalable opportunity for the merging of pop culture icons, NFTs, collectibles and crypto.

Starting from an iconic pop culture line of collectible bluetooth speakers with current global market penetration, Bitty Boomers believes that our global physical product distribution and our world class assortment of character licenses combined with the security, transparency and immutability of blockchain will showcase the growing real world use cases of crypto, de-fi and NFTs.

Launching in 2022, all Bitty Boomers products will also have collectible NFTs integrated with their packaging, providing collectors with both a physical collectible character speaker and a digital collectible NFT. A core goal of this project is to interweave the physical and crypto worlds in a fun, impactful and beneficial way.

This is a magical moment in time and we believe that Bitty Boomers presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans of all ages to experience amazing music, beloved characters and real world engagement with NFTs.

Where can I find Bitty Boomer™ products?

Bitty Boomers are currently sold throughout the USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. With continuous and rapidly growing distribution through major retailers including; Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Costco, Best Buy, Amazon and additional channels of distribution such as; E-commerce, NFT Drops, Supermarket/Grocer, Department and Specialty Stores, Chain BookStores, Chain Drug Stores, Airport Stores, and Telecommunication Stores. Bitty Boomers growth potential is unlimited.

How does the token work?

Once a wallet acquires and receives BITTY tokens, that wallet can then claim rewards from the royalties generated using smart contracts on the blockchain network.

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