Simple Plan Predictable ROI

BittyToken will issue a finite number of tokens to crypto investors based on the demand for BittyTokens in Pre-Sale and Token Launch events, the capital raised will purchase the royalty rights of Bitty Boomers™.

97% of royalties received under the Royalty Agreements to buy and permanently “burn” BittyToken on a quarterly basis.

3% of royalties received under the Royalty Agreements will be retained by the Management for expenses, hosting and compliance costs.

BittyTokens are the exclusive utility token of the BittyVerse, where the 300+ characters of Bitty Boomers™ are collected, gamified, traded, accesorized and listened to! BittyTokens will allow token holders to download music, build collections of BittyNFTs, and own amazing, collectible digital speakers and music for their MetaVerse avatars.