Bright BittyVerse Future

Launching BittyToken to raise a minimum of €19,000,001 at a launch price of €0.10 per BittyToken with a maximum raise amount of €60,000,000 and a total maximum token pool of 600,000,000 BittyToken.

Pre Sale

Minimum To Enter= €50,000 Benefits; All PreSale Participants receive a bespoke BittyNFT FOUNDERS collection as well as a 20% DISCOUNT from launch price = €0.08 EUR per BittyToken

Live Sale

Minimum, price of €0.10 per BittyToken

BittyToken token holders will see BittyToken value increase naturally and consistently based on the sales of Bitty Boomers™ line of collectible bluetooth speakers; there is no cap on the amount of royalties that Bitty Boomers™ may pay during the royalty period and the royalties buy back BittyToken tokens continually. First from the real world sales of Bitty Boomers™ collectible speakers and perpetually from the sales and residual revenue from all BittyVerse activities.

q4 '21

  • Assemble Operational and Advisory team
  • Value Proposition White Paper & Website design Roadmap
  • Identify institutional investors for the pre-sale round of €20m

q1 '22

  • Create & code Bitty Token
  • Launch and complete pre-sale of €20m
  • Plan & launch public sale of Bitty Token (up to €60m in total)

q2 '22

  • First burn of Bitty Token
  • Create NFTs for Bitty Boomers

q3 '22

  • Launch BittyVerse NFTs
  • Continue burn of Bitty Tokens

q4 '22

  • Continue burn of Bitty Tokens
  • Launch more amazing NFTs

The Bitty Boomers™ product line has scaled rapidly over 3 years from launch to current volumes of 4,000,000+ units scheduled for 2022 delivery so far. With current production capacity of 12,000,000 units per year and an ever expanding portfolio of licensed brands/characters to deploy, the Bitty Boomers™ executives expect to need expanded production capacity between 2022 and early 2023, propelling the brand forward to tens of millions of units per year globally. Bitty Boomers™ can aggressively scale global sales with the capital raised from BittyToken and the larger the BittyToken raise the more impactfully Bitty Boomers™ brand can grow, market and scale immediately.

With over 300 current Bitty Characters in market the potential for [bittytnft]s to offer custom MetaVerse content, music and virtual collectibles is truly unlimited.

Imagine the possibilities of doing an [bittytnft] drop with a collection from Marvel or an artist like Justin Bieber where the fans could get not only an awesome MetaVerse NFT AND also get a physical Bitty Boomers™ collectible speaker as well.

BittyToken holders will be the ONLY recipients of the royalties from the sales of Bitty Boomers™ AND BittyNFTs; with lifetime royalties from the BittyNFTs continually providing fresh revenue to the BittyToken holders.