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game to earn, create to earn, join community groups, contests, and events.

BittyVerse runs on BittyToken and is made of BittyNFTs. BittyToken is a unique cryptocurrency because it is backed by revenue from Bitty Boomers™, a real-world company that makes premium, collectible bluetooth speakers.

Bitty Boomers™ is thriving with over 4 million sales projected for 2022. Bitty Boomers™ will pool its profits to buy and burn BittyToken over time, distributing profits to BittyToken holders.

The majority of Bitty Boomers™ buyers will become new participants in DeFi with their purchase of a Bitty Boomers™ bluetooth speaker. That’s up to 4 MILLION DeFi adoptors.

Sup! I’m BittyX. I created the BittyVerse. Let me show you around.

Character Bitty X

Bitty Boomers™ look like popular characters from iconic brands. I’ll be revealing the characters over the next few months.

Character Bitty X

The easiest way to acquire a BittyNFT is to buy a Bitty Boomers™ bluetooth speaker. Each speaker comes with a free BittyNFT. To redeem the BittyNFT and join the BittyVerse, users simply scan the code, follow the link, and register online.


q4 '21

  • Assemble Operational and Advisory team
  • Value Proposition White Paper & Website design Roadmap
  • Identify institutional investors for the pre-sale round of €20m

q1 '22

  • Create & code Bitty Token
  • Launch and complete pre-sale of €20m
  • Plan & launch public sale of Bitty Token (up to €60m in total)

q2 '22

  • First burn of Bitty Token
  • Create NFTs for Bitty Boomers

q3 '22

  • Launch BittyVerse NFTs
  • Continue burn of Bitty Tokens

q4 '22

  • Continue burn of Bitty Tokens
  • Launch more amazing NFTs

Entering the BittyVerse

The BittyVerse is a virtual world of over 300 Bitty Boomers™ characters, populated by BittyNFT avatars that can be collected, gamified, traded, accessorized and listened to!

Users can customize their avatar with premium attributes and get to know each other through community groups for collectors, sports fans and and pop culture followers.

I’m building an easy to use portal for you to manage your BittyNFTs, find games, and earn rewards!

Character Bitty X


To provide crypto investors with the most EXCITING token offering of the decade! Direct access to a high return metaverse utility crypto with a high impact burn funded from the ever growing portfolio of iconic brand licenses that Bitty Boomers™ has for sale globally. BittyVerse is a metaverse where the BittyToken is the currency to allow your BittyNFTs to engage with other BittyNFTs through gaming, trading, social events, building business both earning tokens as well as spending tokens. The BittyVerse is funded by royalties from Bitty Boomers™ real world sale of goods that go into the token pool, which will be governed by the Bitty Foundation. The Bitty Foundation’s aim is also to help the starving children in the world by donating tokens to help nourish those who lack and help them forward in life.

Play to Earn in the BittyVerse

In the BittyVerse, users can earn rewards by participating in communities, winning games, staking BittyToken, and giveaways from a designated pool of BittyToken.

Collecting BittyToken allows token holders to buy “land” in the BittyVerse, build homes for their BittyNFT avatars, play games, and download music through Bitty Boomers™ music licenses.

Create to Earn in the BittyVerse

The BittyVerse is a place where creatives, celebrities, and companies can create groups, design games, host events, buy and rent commercial property, and list premium attributes for sale.

Creators that launch games, community groups, and business in the BittyVerse will be rewarded with BittyToken. The more use that a feature becomes, the more token the creator will receive.

BittyToken Features

  • Main currency of the BittyVerse used to purchase services and experiences
  • Utility token, pay in the nft marketplace; tickets for participating in mystery box, lottery, and games; staking rewards, gamefi rewards, and governance
  • Can be earned by gaming or developing new content
  • Can be exchanged for other crypto or fiat currencies in your crypto wallet

These features sound great, don’t they? Well, they’ll look even better. We won’t stop dreamin. We won’t stop building.

Character Bitty X

BittyVerse Features

  • BittyNFT avatars designed based on Bitty Boomers™
  • Bitty Boomers™ speakers are available for purchase at a 20% discount in the BittyVerse
  • Land ownership and property development: BittyVerse will issue land BittyNFTs and brands can buy land BittyNFTs to build their world
  • Businesses: companies may buy the land and develop unique features, charge fees, and/or require users be holders of select NFTs to enter
  • Engagement with other metaverse projects, gaming, event creation and shared experiences
  • Music available through BittyNFTs
  • Create new NFTs, music and art
DeFi is already the most rapidly expanding market on the planet. BittyToken joins the emerging DeFi market with premium, in-demand speakers.

Our Real-World Assets (RWAs) and BittyVerse revenues will power a simple economic engine with advanced DeFi

2022 will be a crucial year for the MetaVerse as millions of first time visitors start to develop consumer behaviors for the first time.


All Bitty Boomers™ speakers are designed to produce superior sound on their own. Similarly, a single BittyNFT grants access to the BittyVerse.

Bitty Boomers™ are also designed to pair with each other for even more immersive surround sound!

BittyNFTs can be collected for a more immersive experience. Having multiple BittyNFTs can increase your chances of winning contests and earning tokens.

In the BittyVerse, brands can also purchase land BittyNFTs. They may use this land to create exclusive communities and events only available to certain BittyNFT holders.

Priceless Partnerships

Bitty Boomers™ are already sold widely throughout the USA and Canada, and will be expanding to include sales in Mexico, Latin America, Europe and Asia in 2022. With rapidly growing distribution through major retailers such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, and Amazon, Bitty Boomers™ growth potential is truly unlimited.

Can you think of any other NFTs that will be shipped out with real world products from some of the biggest global retailers? Nope. Only us.

Character Bitty X

BittyToken offers a tiered Royalty Per Unit Sold (RPUS). BittyToken holders will receive a stable and consistent quarterly buyback from royalties under the Bitty Boomers™ Brand Royalty Agreement. BittyToken will automatically fund Royalty payouts to buy back and burn BittyToken on the 20th day of each Quarter beginning on April 20, 2022.

In addition to the above tiers, the BittyToken buyback pool will receive a royalty distribution of 1% of the transaction value of each BittyNFT with no expiration date. This means that every BittyNFT created for all time will be included. Royalty from BittyNFTs today could be making your great-grandchildren income decades from now!

With expanded Social, Event, TV, E-comm and Amazon sales alongside growing orders from large retailers, BittyToken expects to see unit sales exceed current production capacity in the 2022 fiscal year.

BittyToken demonstrates real-world impacts with blockchain:

Our mission is to provide impactful and tangible value at the intersection of real world products and blockchain technologies.

BittyToken adheres to that mission in several ways;

Utilizing crypto holdings to finance the acquisition and scaling of royalty revenues which fund a consistent burn of BittyToken from sales of a high quality globally branded line of goods.

Launching BittyNFTs; each unit has “Product BittyNFT Included” labeling and comes with its own BittyNFT, thereby promoting user engagement and adoption of BittyNFTs (2022 Products will have integrated per unit BittyNFTs across the full line of collectibles).

Recording product line supply chain data to blockchain for transparency as well as participation where possible (e.g. Walmart has its own supply chain blockchain beta, so integrating data sets will continually add enterprise engagement and adoption).

BittyToken Staff

Joseph Snyder

Robert Rosenberg

Casey O’Connor

Stefan Lloyd

Christopher Brown

James Valeii

BittyToken Advisors

Ember Hsuan

Trent Lapinski

David Schwarz

Jason Hung

David Duchemin

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